General Information

Ordering Calendars

All prices quoted F.O.B. factory Coshocton, Ohio and shipped prepaid unless specified otherwise. Orders should be typewritten or legibly printed. Faxed logos are not acceptable. Please provide all necessary details to expedite processing.

Early Order Pricing

All orders must be factory-ready and postmarked before May 1 to receive early prices. All proofs must be returned before May 1 for the order to receive early pricing. Orders must be marked to ship "when ready" or September 1 or before.


Acknowledgments are sent to confirm receipt and accuracy of information regarding the order. Please review carefully and contact us if there are any questions.

Less Than Minimum

Minimum quantity for each style is shown on the pricing table. Use first quantity price and add the less than minimum charge noted on each style. Absolute minimum is half of listed minimum.

Overruns or Underruns

For multi-sheet calendars 10% over/underruns are normal and acceptable. All other styles are 5% over/underrun with the exception of Daily Date and Weekly styles which are exact quantity only. Over/ underrun costs will be added to or subtracted from the order at the quantity price. If "no overruns" is requested there is a $25.00 (g) charge and the order is subject to underruns. For Daily Date and Weekly styles, see page 49.

Late Orders

Orders received after November 15 should specify a second choice of calendar style and, if applicable, a second and third choice of picture selection on Utility styles.

Ad Copy

Exact repeat orders should reference previous purchase order number. Previous ad copy should be provided if available. For repeat orders with copy changes, indicate changes on previous ad copy. If a different calendar style is selected, copy layout may need to be modified. Unless otherwise stated, our typesetters will use their judgment as to typestyle and arrangement. Exact duplication of a typestyle or special arrangements may result in additional charges. Each calendar lists the copy limit for best appearance. Excess copy charge is $5.00 (g) per line.

Calendar price includes one ad printed on the total quantity of an order. Each change from the original ad is an extra charge. Change of copy charge is $25.00 (g) for Apron and Utility styles; $35.00 (g) for all others, except Daily Date and Weekly styles; for Daily Dates and Weekly styles, see page 49.

Calendars are imprinted with one or two standard colors depending on the style. Other stock inks available are:


Please note colors shown may vary due to screen settings and individual computer configurations.

A stock ink color may be used in place of or in addition to the standard imprint color(s) with the following charges:

• Wash up cost - all styles $50.00 (g) per color

Plus an additional running charge as follows:

• Multi-sheet styles $.30 (g) each
All others (including Daily Date and Weekly styles) $.10 (g) each

For an exact PMS ink match, add $50.00 (g) to the above charges. Please be sure to specify PMS numbers and whether the number is for coated or uncoated stock when requesting this service.

Please indicate color breakdown for copy to be printed in more than one color.

Spec Samples

A spec sample is a mockup of your customer's ad on a calendar of their choice. It gives an excellent opportunity to see how the ad will look in a particular ad space. FREE spec samples are offered on any new calendar order upon request until August 1. Any revisions are $15.00 (g) each.


Paper proofs of ad copy or a complete calendar with color(s) indicated are $15.00 (g) each. Fax and email proofs are $15.00 (g). Additional paper, fax, or email proofs are $15.00 (g). Digital proofs vary in price by size, please call for a quote. Press proofs (not available after October 1) are $250.00 (g) each. Customer-requested changes after proof are billed at cost.

Proofs must be signed and returned before an order is considered factory-ready to be entered into production. As no shipping date will be scheduled until an OK'd proof is received, it is best to return proofs as quickly as possible to avoid shipping delays.


Freight charges are FOB factory. Cost of freight shipments will be prepaid, itemized, and added to invoice. No COD orders are accepted. For drop shipments add $5.00 (g) for each location.

We reserve the right to ship as early as our production permits. Early orders are produced and stored at no charge. Although we have a normal production time of approximately six weeks, there is no assured Dec. 20 shipment on orders received after Oct. 5.

Labels and Mailing

We will do five-digit zip sorting at $.35 (g) each, attach postage at $.18 (g) each, attach labels at $.18 (g) each, and bag and bundle at $.18 (g) each. Bulk handling fee is $50.00 (g).

Payment & Terms


Payment may be made by company check, VISA or MasterCard.


Custom calendars:  invoiced net 30 days.

Catalog stock calendars:  invoiced calendar terms due 12/1.

Early pay discounts may be deducted from calendar term on invoices paid by check only.

Electronic Artwork

The following guidelines are for the preparation of electronic artwork being submitted to our company. Art may be emailed directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Artwork submitted on CD or via email is output as received; changes or corrections to electronically submitted art will be billed at $40.00 (x) per hour with a minimum $20.00 (x) charge.

Current Hardware:

Mac Pro Computers
Direct to Plate Imaging Technology
Xerox Digital Press

Current Software:

Creative Suite 5 Design
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
QuarkXpress 7.3

Digital Art Submissions:

Mac or PC - Standard DVD/CD-R (UDF, ISO) and Flash Media (FAT32, NTFS)

We prefer to work with uncompressed files. However, files compressed using WinZip or WinRAR software can be accepted.

In addition to the following electronic art submission information, a PDF of our Electronic Art Submission Guidelines is available upon request.

Format Information:

Graphic images can best be utilized when saved as EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files. Artwork created in vector-based drawing programs like Illustrator should be saved as EPS files. Please convert text to outlines or paths to avoid font problems. Corel Draw and Freehand created images must be converted to an Illustrator compatible file.

Scanned black & white line art should be saved as bitmapped TIFF images with a minimum 600 dpi resolution at approximately the same size as they will be used in production. Grayscale artwork or halftone photographic images should be saved as Photoshop EPS or Tiff files. All four color artwork or photographic images should be converted to CMYK and saved as EPS files. Grayscale or four color images must have a minimum 300 dpi resolution at approximately the same size as they will be used in production. Include Macintosh preview options when saving EPS or TIFF files. Images retrieved off the Internet are usually only 72 dpi and are unusable.

Text layouts (with or without linked or embedded graphics) are best utilized as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress files. Scale, crop, and rotate images as needed before placing them in your layout. Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Publisher do not adapt to Macintosh format and cannot be used.

Font Information:

You must supply your fonts with your documents. We can print Type 1 or Type 3 PostScript fonts. Be sure to include both screen and printer font files for each font and style used in your document and in any EPS files placed in that document. It is best that actual fonts be selected from a font list instead of using the type style effects (i.e., bold, italic, etc.) available in many programs. This assures that the weight/effect chosen is available.

We can provide computer-printed labels with return address and permit information sorted by five-digit zip for $.40 (g) each (first year) and $.25 (g) each (subsequent years). Corrections and/or deletions are $.10 (g) each. Alphabetical printout of list is $10.00 (g).

Printing of a return address on pull string wrappers is available at $20.00 (g) per 100 for the first 100, $5.00 (g) per 100 for each additional 100.

General Information


Submit art as default black in CMYK color mode for images printing in black only. Multiple color graphic images must be submitted using spot colors for proper color separation. If you are using our standard colors, assign similar spot colors and they will be changed to our standard colors. When assigning a spot or process color to art or text, please use a Pantone Matching System color. For four-color reproduction, make sure the images are converted to CMYK process colors. Preflight files to check for proper color separation to avoid art charges.

File Information:

Identify the program used to create your document and provide a printout of your file directory for the submitted files. All EPS and TIFF files linked to your document must be submitted along with the main file. Always keep a copy of your files. Do not send in your only copy. Disks will not be returned unless requested.


When sending in computer generated art files, it is necessary to provide us with complete up-to-date prints including composite and color separated art, where applicable, and any special instructions. Being able to compare our printout to yours will help us identify possible font or graphics problems before the order is printed. Please proof your printout for accuracy and spelling.

Changes in Orders/Cancellations

Making a change on an order in process may result in charges for work already done. We cannot accept cancellations except by agreement with us and payment to us for work already performed.


Please inspect shipment immediately and notify delivering agent and us of any damage. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization.

Ecological Concerns

Recycled paper and /or vegetable based inks are used when possible. Their use may be requested for customs or special orders. Go green with Hour Glass! Certified sheets used in most cases. Coated sheets with from 10% to 25% post consumer waste. Uncoated sheets with as much as 100% post consumer waste.

Union Bug


It may be of importance to your customer to know that all of our calendars are printed and compiled in a union shop. The union bug may be added to any calendar order by request at no additional charge.

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