About Our Organization

Our Heritage

The Hour Glass Calendar Company is proud to have been in the promotional products industry for over 100 Years. The Hour Glass Calendar line offers a large variety of high quality calendars. From our stock line to our full color, low quantity, custom digital line we offer calendars that are fun, affordable and flexible. Made in the U.S.A.!

Nestled in the birthplace of specialty advertising, our highly experienced staff takes great pride in offering superb customer service in order to make us a supplier that you will want to work with year after year.


Our Commitment to the Environment

Recycled paper and/or vegetable based inks are used when possible. Their use may be requested for customs or special orders. Go green with Hour Glass! Certified sheets used in most cases. Coated sheets with from 10% to 25% post consumer waste. Uncoated sheets with as much as 100% post consumer waste.


Our Commitment to America

It may be of importance to your customer to know that all of our calendars are printed and compiled in a union shop. The union bug may be added to any calendar order by request at no additional charge.



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for questions or comments please send mail to orders@hourglassline.com
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