Color Print: A full-color photograph (not a negative), which can be scanned for four-color printing.

Color Separation: The technique which scans a color photograph or transparency and creates negatives of primary colors allowing for full-color printing.

Factory-Ready: This means an order needs nothing else to enter it into production. It requires that all the information regarding style, quantity, copy, art, color indications, etc. be final and any proof(s) issued be signed and returned.

Full-Color or Four-Color: Printing process by which a color photograph or transparency is able to be printed on paper. It requires color separation and four separate printing impressions for the primary colors plus black.

Glossy: A shiny black and white photograph.

Halftone: The result of a process by which a photograph is changed into a system of dots of varying size and shape allowing the accurate printing of various tone values in the photograph. Usually printed in one color.

Keyline: An outline drawing on finished art to indicate the exact shape, position, and size for halftones or sketches.

Line Art: Artwork in black and white only, no tones of gray such as a photo.

Line Copy: Black and white logos, words, copy, etc. which is camera-ready and has no tones of gray.

Proofs: Paper: will be sent via U.S. Mail or FedEx with color(s) indicated. Fax: available within limitations of size and clarity (not applicable for four-color work). Email: is appropriate for all orders ranging from single color ads to full-color custom calendars. These proofs are generally sent as pdf files. Digital: shows the approximate colors of a photo or transparency on paper; it is usually duller and darker than the production image. Press: these are full-color reproductions actually printed on the press, most accurate for color work.

Transparency: full-color translucent photographic film positive which produces the finest color work. Color slides are one kind of film transparency.

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